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Schur was founded in 1946 for the purpose of importing and exporting textile products.

The first period was the importation of woolen yarns which were supplied to a colligated textile industry, therefore belonging to the same group.

With the development of the spinnery in Brazil (mainly based on woolen yarns), Schur quit the activity of importing and suppling yarns to this textile industry and started to export woolen fabrics from this textile industry to many countries, mainly Europe.

This activity continued until the beginning of 50th, when the Brazilian market was not competitive anymore for exporting.

The agency activity of distributing special papers for technical drawing coming from Germany started in 1958 until 1970.

Also during this period, the company started to add the distribution of new products, such as, cellulosic casings for frankfurters and also machines and equipment for the meat industry.

Nowadays Schur has been working as an agent for several companies in the USA and Europe. These companies are manufacturers of machines and equipment for the food industry.

After 1987 it was added to the distribution activity the company's local production and manufacturing of plastic casings and vacuum packaging for the food industry.

The high technology was mostly developed locally. Schur is one of the leaders of the market.

Alameda Amazonas, 202
Alphaville - Barueri - SP/Brasil
Cep: 06454-070
Telefone: 55 11 4196.6666

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